Erin Coupe – Authentically EC

Blair Cohen


  1. When your mental load feels heavy and stressful, and your mind is swirling from one negative or anxious thought to the next, it’s time to ground your energy. This will help settle your nervous system so you can make decisions and solve problems more calmly and clearly. Grounding is simply bringing the energy down the body which creates more space in your mind and reduces toxic load. Put your bare feet on the grass, in sand, in a body of water or just BE in nature for 20 minutes without technology.
  2. When you feel an intense emotion, use the phrase “I feel” not “I am” so you don’t attach to that emotion. When you say  “I FEEL angry” you describe a feeling you’re experiencing which is temporary. When you say “I AM angry” you declare that you ARE the anger and rather than a temporary feeling passing through you, the anger becomes you. It’s much harder to process and recover from.
  3. In the evening or before bed, write down 3 things you did well today. Then write down 3 things you want to do well tomorrow. You can experience the feeling of gratitude AND give yourself credit while creating accountability for the next day.
  4. Your thoughts are not you, they’re just mental activity, and you can teach yourself to direct them. For example, when a critical or judgmental thought comes up, ask yourself “is this kind?” or “how does this serve me or others?” If you find that it isn’t kind or it’s hurtful, think of something positive or switch your focus to something completely different. This helps you be more self-aware and over time trains your mind to naturally think more positively.