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Tu Bloom, The Official Botanical Artist of the Grammys and Owner of the new Chicago Bloom Urban Garden Center



Check out:

Chicago Bloom  

2312 W. Touhy Ave., Chicago

And you can check out Tu Bloom in June at the Philadelphia Flower Show:

Tu will be hosting hands-on gardening workshops in the Subaru Garden this year at the Philadelphia Flower Show – June 5-June 13.


Growing Herbs Indoors… Do’s and Don’ts 

 — Do pick a location in your space with ample lighting. If there aren’t any. Supplemental lighting is a must. Most herbs love bright light all day.. everyday. 

— Do pick a good planter and soil that will fit your herbs and its growth habits! Window sills equals narrow box planters while good floor space will allow for large planters which is great for root production and large growth fast.

— Don’t Over Water. Most herb plant casualties occur because of plants rotting due to overwatering. 

— Don’t allow your herbs to over grow and seed (unless you’re are growing them specifically for the seeds). Harvest your basil and mint frequently to encourage new growth and older leaves are much more bitter anyways when you let it age too long. 

— Don’t put your herbs too close to a range/oven because they are delicate and can easily become stressed with the high fluctuations in temps. 

And Check Out Tu Bloom:

He is also going to be teaching/conducting/hosting hands-on gardening workshops (like this one we are doing today) in the Subaru Garden this year at the Philadelphia Flower Show – June 5-June 13.

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