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The Dailey Method


Plank into push-ups
You always want to be warmed up.  Plank is the power house of all exercises since it works every muscle of the body.  You want to do a plank before you go into other excercises so you are warmed up.
Bring your elbows under your shoulders, hands forward of your elbows to keep your shoulders opened.  Then walk your knees back and tilt your pelvis under to lengthen your back and help pull in your abdominals.  You have the option for a more advanced version to extend your legs and come onto your toes.

Tricep work
To get those toned summer arms you need to work your arms.  Triceps are a great muscle in the arm group to tone since it’s many woman’s problem area.
Extend your arms behind you, try to lengthen your arms as long as you are able (this will create length in your arms as you tone them).  Do 20 lifts with arms straight and thumbs facing the floor.  Then rotate palms to the floor, and do another 20 lifts again with arms as straight as you are able.

Abdominal work/High C
Wearing a bathing suit in the summer can be stressful, but there are many abdominal exercises you can do to help keep your confidence up while at the pool.
Bring your knees together, hands to your knees, then pull away from your knees so your arms are straight.  Round your lower back and pull your abdominals in while bringing your hands behind your thighs.  You can hold on the entire time, still getting a great workout or advance eventually to letting go with your hands and doing arm variations.  Hold 60 seconds, then bring arms off and thumbs to the ceiling.  Open and close arms 20 times.


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