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Staytion Market & Bar Mixologist, Kevin Fahey

Staytion Market & Bar, 1 West Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601




Each event takes place between 5-7 p.m., are open to the public, and cost $14 (the cost of the cocktail).  Mixologist Kevin Fahey will show participants how to create the perfect springtime cocktail recipes for Chicago visitors and local alike to enjoy.

C2E2 Super Hero Cocktails

April 4 , 2019

Feel like a superhero with Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo inspired sips featuring local Few and Rhine Hall Spirits

Star Wars Festival

April 11, 2019

Embrace your inner rebel alliance with the empire cocktails from a galaxy far far away

Spring Wine Time

April 18, 2019

Enjoy delicious wine cocktails made with various wines from tasting festivals

April Flowers

April 25, 2019

Sample a spring cocktail with infusions and garnishes featuring different edible flowers


Star Wars

“Barreled Boba Fett”

  • Few barreled gin -2oz
  • Pistachio orgeat-1oz
  • Lime-.5oz
  • Matcha/Honey 3:1 syrup-.5oz

>Add all ingredients into a Boston shaker tin with ice

>>shake vigorously until chilled

>>>strain into large rocks glass with tapioca pearls on the bottom

>fill with ice and garnish with dehydrated lime wheel


Tapioca pearls are boiled and strained, then soaked in the matcha honey syrup<<


“The Batson Boulevarier”

  • Few Staytion single barrel rye. -2oz
  • Campari-1oz
  • Strawberry infused antics vermouth-.75oz
  • Pink peppercorn vanilla bitters-3dashes

>add all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice

>>stir for approx 25 rotations (10 secs)

>>>julep strain into a coup glass

>serve up, garnish with manicured lemon swath




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