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Melissa Post

Top Mistakes:

Mistake #1 –
Buying everything while you’re pregnant. Of course, if you’re having a shower and are registering, it’s great to register for big items. But also register for gift cards since your needs might change once your baby arrives.

Mistake #2 –
Buying clothes and outfits for all months of the baby’s first year. You don’t know how your baby will grow and sometimes growth spurts can make an entire age range irrelevant for your baby.

Mistake #3 –
Buying in bulk. You might think it’s easiest to stock up on supplies so you’re fully prepared for baby’s arrival. But you have no idea how your baby will react to the diapers and formula, so make sure you and your baby have a chance to try everything before buying in bulk.

Mistake #4 –
Over or under-decorating your nursery, or decorating without really understanding what you need to make the space functional. The nursery needs to be about functionality and safety, but also designed as a warm inviting space, where you and your baby would want to spend a lot of time in.

Mistake #5 –
Forgetting about mom when buying for baby. New moms will have a lot of needs after the baby arrives. From making sure she is eating healthily to safely exercising to lose the baby weight, Mom will need to buy some items for herself too.