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Jose Rodriguez – Managing Partner/Tapas Valencia South Loop



Sangria Festival

August 21 & 22

Humboldt Park – 3051 W. Division St. Chicago, IL



To make our batch:

1 liter of brandy

1 liter of gin

1 liter of triple spec 

12 liters of Burgandy (to make red)

or 12 liter of Chablis ( to make white)

1 liter of Sprite

To make a glass:

½ oz of brandy

½ oz of gin

½ oz of triple spec 

6 oz of Burgandy (to make red)

or 6 liter of Chablis ( to make white)

-add a splash of sprite, garnished with chopped fresh fruit

(green and red Apples, lemon, lime and orange)

To make it Non Alcoholic-Virgin:

3 oz of pineapple juice

3oz of Orange juice

3 oz of cranberry juice

-served on ice with chopped fruit as a garnish

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