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Derrick C. Westbrook, Co-Owner of Juice @ 1340


“Samples & Samples” A Music & Wine Pairing and Tasting at City Winery on December 5th at 5 pm – 1200 W. Randolph St., Chicago

Items Featured:

Wine 1: Pares Balta, Penedes Blanc de Pacs, Juice @ 1340, $23

Dessert 1: Gingerbread “Coffey” Cake by Chef Lisa Shaw

Tasting Notes: The Pares Balta, Penedes Blanc de Pacs is a white wine out of Spain, with cava grape varietals. This wine is rich, creamy with a little bit of brightness, and pairs perfectly with our Gingerbread coffee cake. When we think of the holidays, we think of sugar and spice, AND gingerbread! So, the slight sweetness and spice of the cake pairs really well with the richness and creaminess of the white wine.

Wine 2: Parés Baltà, Penedès Mas Petit, Juice @ 1340, $23

Dessert 2: Chocolate Bark AND a Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookie by Chef Lisa Shaw

Tasting Notes: Mas is large and Petit is small. The Penedès Mas Petit is delicate and beautiful but uses grapes that have some weight. Again we’re staying in Spain because this is one of my favorite wine regions! 

This is paired with a chocolate bark that features nuts and peppermint. The nuts in the bark brings out the earthiness of the wine. The peppermint lifts the wine and accentuates its brightness, and of course we all know, peppermint candy canes and the holidays are like peanut butter and jelly! For something more “traditional” we also have a Christmas Cookie by Chef Lisa Shaw, which features chocolate and peppermint – playing up those same flavors we see in the bark.

Wine 3: City Winery 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, City Winery Chicago, $26

Dessert 3: Chocolate Espresso Coffee Cake by Chef Lisa Shaw

Tasting Notes: This pairing is for my coffee lovers…

The espresso in this rich, chocolate coffee cake lifts you and gives you a shot of energy, with a touch of earthiness that compliments this cabernet. The cake also has a hint of sweetness that compliments the ripeness in the wine as well.

Wine 4: Licataa Lambrusco, Juice @ 1340, $34

Dessert 4: Gingerbread Custard by Chef Lisa Shaw

Tasting Notes: The holidays are the perfect time for sweets and this pairing is my guilty pleasure. The Licataa Lambrusco is from Italy, and it is a slightly sweet, sparkling red wine. It pairs fantastically with this Gingerbread Custard, which has hints of vanilla, as well as blueberry and blackberry. The tart of the berries, and the spice in the ginger is balanced out by the off-dryness in the Lambrusco.

*All desserts were provided by Chef Lisa Shaw of Lisa’s Boutique Catering