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Angela Searcy
Parent Community Network
Parent University 2017
February 4
8:00 a.m. – 12:35 p.m.
Lyons Township High School, South Campus
4900 S. Willow Springs Road
Western Springs

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Prevention is the best Intervention
Once you understand children development you already have a crystal ball into what your child will do! Predict and plan! And as parents it is up to us to anticipate our child’s needs and prepare for any challenges that lay ahead for example if we already know children have not concept of time, toddlers and 2’s don’t like to follow verbal directions I use visual directions, if you know your 6 year old is going to move slowly in the morning you need to be ready, kids can clean when you give the right guidance,  we already know young children are impatient and always hungry, so make sure you have a survival bag ready and make sure you never leave the house without your cranky cream!

When children flip out you FLIP the script.
F-figure your what is the reason behind the behavior — some children bite because they don’t know how to express frustration, others bite because they are sleepy or hungry and some bite so they can see your crazy reaction! Do they need a little chewlery  Once you know the cause you can find the cure
L – longhaul. Don’t give up before you have given the strategy time to work
I – inform yourself about your child’s development
P- pick your battles — as long as they are safe. My daughter hasn’t worn matching socks since she was a baby. As long as she wears socks we are good!