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Party Tips:

The Academy Awards highlight some of the greatest films of the year, calling for a fabulous party to celebrate. With so many glamorous stars and award-worthy films as inspiration – the party possibilities are endless. When hosting at your own home, it’s okay to create a cozy, casual Oscar-viewing environment for your guests to enjoy. Draw your inspiration from the stars of Hollywood, but keep it simple – especially when it comes to décor and color palette. We always suggest that you start by looking for these items in your own home – roll out the Hollywood glamour and find something seasonally appropriate, light and fun, which will bring a good energy to the look and feel of your event. No luck at home? Try renting or head out to your local Michaels.

You don’t have to go overboard with the floral and decor. You can always run out and get some roses and pop them into a vase. To dress your table up – go for a mixture of metallic, black and white vases, which can easily be found around your home. Keep things celebratory and romantic and create a look without busting your budget. To amplify that feel of old Hollywood glamour,  supplement your flowers with some fun embellishments – vintage movie posters – fun frames, old film reels and movie props. It’s easy to go online and find old vintage movie posters and print them out and pop them in a 4×6 frame for the table. Or, look for this year’s Movie of the Year nominees and frame those. You’ll be surprised how many of these prop items you can dig up from around the house, but you can always supplement with a quick trip to a Hobby Lobby or Party City Store.

In terms of style of the party, host an open house.  The Oscars always run long and people work the next day. It’s always a good idea to make your guests feel like they can come and go as their schedule permits, so when it comes to food and drink – have a self-service bar and a buffet filled with yummy snacks. Since films are the main event, opt for snacks and embellishments that are reminiscent of those you might find at the movie theater.  Keep it really simple.
Chocolate coated popcorn displayed in individual tins and tied with bow ties
Gold leaf dusted popcorn displayed in individual tins and tied with bow ties
Hot dog and bun wrapped in black napkin and tied with red bow tie

Popcorn smores cupcakes
Oscar shaped sugar cookies with gold flakes

Rather than serving sugar-laden sodas at your Oscars party, go for one creative cocktail. Include a Kiddy Oscar Mocktail for those guests who have brought along their kids. To keep things simple, we suggest supplementing the signature drink by creating your own cocktail bar where guests can serve themselves. Provide the classic standbys like wine, beer and juice or water for those who would rather not drink alcohol.

The Candy Bar:
Everyone has a favorite movie theater candy choice. Whether it was when you were a little kid, or today as an adult, it is likely that something under the glass counter tickled your fancy. Bring that special treat back for your Oscars party by creating a “Candy Bar.” Using large glass jars or bowls, fill them up with candies matching your color scheme. Provide scoops and bags so your guests can pick and choose their favorite candy to snack on during the show.