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Schae Lewis & Bahar Parto – Mission 2 Organize
(773) 830-4070

Ideal Home Show
January 27-29
Navy Pier
600 E. Grand Avenue

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Organization Tips

Repurpose Jars
Clean out the jar and remove labels.
Use mason jars to contain writing utensils in the office.
Small candle jars can be used to keep office supplies like paper clips.
Use spice jars for crafting supplies like jewelry beads. Store in a spice rack.
You can decorate and label each jar. (Demo)

Cardboard Boxes
Use shoe boxes as drawer dividers to tame folded clothing in dresser drawers.
Use tea boxes to organize office supplies inside a drawer.
Cut cereal boxes on the side and top to use as a magazine holder.
Cover with wrapping paper to match your décor.

Repurpose a Hanging Shoe Bag
Pockets provide easy access to your items.
Hang it in the bathroom to store products and supplies.
Use it to store craft tools & supplies.
Hang it on the back of the closet door to organize belts.

Aluminum Cans
Cut top using a smooth edge can opener, clean out
Paint or cover with fabric to match your surroundings.
Hang on back of cabinet door to hold flat iron.
Use it in the bathroom to store your makeup brushes.
Hang it on pegboard to organize tools in the garage.

Shoe Organization
Use rolled up magazines or rolled bubble wrap to help boots stand upright.
Place your shoes front to back in order to fit more.
Keep flip flops in a basket.