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Eirene Heidelberger


WOW Summit
Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14
The Eaglewood Resort and Spa
1401 Nordic Road

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Eirene Heidelberger will be speaking Saturday afternoon about breaking free from mom guilt and sharing simple tips moms can use to find themselves after baby. Put simply, How to put the ME in MomME!

Here are 5 tips from Eirene:

Tip 1 – Face Reality and Do Something About It

The boldest move you can make as a parent is to admit your family life isn’t what you dreamed it would be. Pretending reality is a pretty Facebook post is draining to mom and damaging to the entire family.


Tip 2 – Do More Of What YOU want

Make a conscious decision to do more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. When moms say “No” to invites that don’t serve them well it makes room for activities that give them joy and fuel their needs.


Tip 3-  Get Off Mommy Island! 

I realized in my coaching business, GIT Mom, there were  too many moms who felt isolated at home with their kids. Home can be a place of loneliness and overwhelm. Moms need to make a commitment to get off “Mommy Island” and do something that fulfills them (away from their family) in order to return to their 24/7 parenting job a more calm and happy mommy. Happy Mommy equals happy kids!


Tip 4 -Compartmentalize

The key to “Me Time”? You must compartmentalize! This the most important piece to the puzzle. You must compartmentalize the never-ending to-do list because you know what? It’s never, ever going to end so get over it and get out from under it by taking care of yourself. Fuel your happiness to make the endless laundry, dishwashing, mom’ing less miserable. The sink full of dishes can wait, but, your mental health cannot.


Tip 5- Say No More 

Stay strong to the commitments you make to yourself and just say “No” to new requests for activities during your designated time. The reality is you’re not the worst mother if you don’t get to the dry cleaner or miss a school activity, but, you’ll be a cranky one if you don’t take time for yourself!