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Rachel Strisik, Professional Organizer


Tip #1 – Create and place in the room something that is visual that will show how the space is shared, cared for and other chores or possible things that happen during the week where there might be fights.

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Tip #2 – Make sure to differentiate belongings and organization tools by color or words. For younger children, you can use different colors. For older ones, label bins, toys and other belongings with their name or initial.

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Tip #3 – Invest in a labelmaker or buy labels with your children’s names on them from a website like www.mabelslabels.com to easily label and distinguish each child’s toys and where they should go.

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Tip #4 – If possible, divide the space by arranging furniture or using colors so each child feels like they have their own special corner of the playroom that they are responsible for.

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Tip #5 – Have an area where all books, or school supplies are actually stored in the room. Even though it is a shared space, when someone needs a crayon or a book they will know where to go to.

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