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Jennifer Rizzo

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Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Decor

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The projects shown today:

Fa La La La Banner
The banner is easily adapted to any occasion or holiday
You can buy pre-made banner pieces from a craft store or on-line from a company like Canvas Corp to make it easier.
Make smaller versions of the banner to put on a wreath .

letter stencils
burlap or canvas banner pieces
stencil brush
acrylic paint in choice of color
hot glue gun and glue
twine or ribbon

JOY Monogrammed Mugs
Use any kind of mug, even ones from the thrift store.
Make sure to use a specific kind of ceramic mug marker so it washes well.
Tape stencil to mug for ease of placement
Use animal stencils or other stencils for an interesting twist

ceramic paint markers
stencils in letter choice
painters tape