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Hummus Pasta

Serves 4

14 oz spaghetti or linguine

10 sundried tomatoes, plus 2 tsp oil from the jar

1 medium red onion

1 garlic clove

¼ cup fresh basil leaves salt and black pepper

For the Hummus:

1 (14oz) can chickpeas 1 garlic clove

1 lemon

3 tbsp tahini

¼ cup olive oil

3½ tbsp water

salt and black pepper

To Serve:

simple green salad (we like arugula)

Make the Hummus:

• Drain the chickpeas

• Peel the garlic

• Halve the lemon

• Add the chickpeas, garlic, tahini, olive oil, and some salt and pepper to the blender or food processor and squeeze over the lemon juice

• Blend until very smooth

• Add the water and blend again to make a smooth puree (you may need more or less water to get the right consistency)

Prepare the pasta:

• Add the pasta to the pan of boiling water and cook according to the package instructions, until al dente

• Reserve the pasta water

Meanwhile, prepare the sauce:

• Finely slice the sundried tomatoes

• Peel and finely slice the red onion

• Peel and grate the garlic

• Place the skillet over medium heat and add the sundried tomato oil from the jar

• Add the red onion and a pinch of salt to the pan and stir for 3 minutes

Add the sundried tomatoes and garlic and stir for 2 minutes:

• Transfer the cooked pasta to the pan along with 2 ladlefuls or about a cup of the pasta water

• Carefully toss to combine

• Taste and season with salt and pepper

Finish the sauce:

• Spoon over the hummus and stir it through the pasta, adding a splash more pasta water if necessary to get a really creamy consistency

• Taste and season

Serve up:

• Sprinkle over the basil leaves and some freshly ground pepper and serve immediately with a little green salad on the side