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Amber Walker

Animal Intuitions Dog Training

Animal Intuitions’ has a program called Dog-Friendly Family, which is a 1-hour class for humans only covering Behavior, Training, Socialization, Nutrition, & Grooming. Various locations around the Tri-Cities (Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles).

How to Pet A Dog You Don’t Know:

Check first for a Yellow Ribbon to indicate if the dog is a Dog In Need Of Space (DINOS)

Always ask permission of the owner

Never force the dog to meet someone, give the dog the option

Make sure the dog has a way out

Squat down sideways to dog’s level. Don’t lean over a dog. Small children can stand. Older children should kneel or squat.

Do not pet the head first, choose the chest or shoulder

If the dog jumps or greets inappropriately, Be A Tree (stand still, no flailing)

Always praise your dog for making good choices, including leaving the situation or person

Behaviors Dogs Should Know:

Sit or Down: to not jump at others

Come when called: in case they run off

Leave It Alone: for anything they find that they shouldn’t have like a dead bird on the sidewalk

Take It: for items they can have like a stick

Nose Touch (dog nose to owner’s hand): to redirect attention and position back to owner
-Stay: In case owner needs to step a few feet away