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  • After ice cream mixture is cooked, let bowl cool in a ice bath before transferring to Kitchenaid
  • Follow instructions on the kitchenaid (or other manufacturer’s) machine
  • For the finished product, put plastic wrap directly on the ice cream to prevent an icy layer
  • Don’t be afraid to try different flavors and don’t be afraid to mess up – it should be fun!

Demonstrating ice cream:

  • Creating the vanilla base:
    1. Chef Leigh will show ingredients being       cooked on the stove
    2. then the ice bath
    3. then transferring mixture to the Kitchenaid
    4. then the finished product
  • Creating the fruit puree:
    1. Chef Leigh will demo a strawberry-basil  puree and show how to select fruit, turn it into a puree and blend it in with the vanilla ice cream base
  • Finished plate up – Chef Leigh will present the finalized plate up of the Strawberry-Basil ice cream in a beautiful dish, garnished
  • Additional beauty shot – for explanation ONLY. Will not be demonstrated.
    1. Chef Leigh will show another creative option, Moscato ice cream. (Moscato is an Italian wine). She incorporates  Moscato ice cream in Café des Architectes’ signature dessert, Noir  Chocolat.
    2. Chef Leigh will then talk about other unique  flavor combinations to try.

Café des Architectes

20 E. Chestnut St.

Chicago IL 60611

(312) 324-4063

In Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood


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