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Gabe Saglie – Senior Editor, Travelzoo


Mother Nature Interrupts Your Travel Plans, Now What?

  • Look out for waivers
    • If the weather gets really bad, airlines will preemptively allow you to change plans without a fee… should you take advantage of them?


  • Download your airline app
    • Real-time info on things like weather delays and cancelations are often delivered thru the airline’s app before it’s announced, giving you extra time to handle
    • Program your airline’s 800 numbers into your phone


  • Get informed
    • Familiarize yourself forecasts at your take-off, connecting & landing spots


  • Know Your Rights
    • Weather-related issues means minimal compensation from airlines


  • Insurance
    • The basics will help offset some of your costs


  • Cancellation policies
    • What are the policies at hotels, rental cars, cruises, etc. if your flight there gets canceled?


  • Pack light
    • Don’t check bags: it makes it easier to switch flights if weather becomes an issue


  • Pack more
    • We’re talking toiletries and essentials: if weather delays you or keeps you grounded for a day or more, you’’ have the basics you need


  • Fend for yourself
    • Get prepared with your own snacks, entertainment and charge cords


  • Flex your status
    • Fly an airline with which you’ve got status, you’ll get dibs on solutions