Megan Roudebush, founder, keepwith


  • Build and protect your networks now. Shoring up your connections and your network ahead of the recession can protect your if your company needs to downsize–regular communication and connection will keep you top-of-mind for potential employers and referrals and make that “I’m looking for a new position” email much easier to write
  • View networking as a wellness routine. Be organized—set goals, track your progress, plan follow-up: Set time aside each week for deliberate networking…time to connect or think about new connections and networking goals. This begins a habit that will make unexpected changes in your job situation easier to weather.      
  • Don’t separate personal and professional. Recessions are hard on every level, by starting now to engage, support, and nurture your most important friendships, you strengthen your networking relationships before the recession begins (think of this as rallying your network before a crisis hits–a la COVID). You never know when something professional will lead to something personal or something personal will lead to something professional.
  • Talk to strangers. You never know when a casual encounter can lead to bigger opportunities.
  • Share your network with others. It’s important to view your network as a two-way street, by regularly connecting with your network, you may be able to facilitate a connection for someone else. And who doesn’t need a little good karma?!
  • Now is a good time to take a chance. We are living in this challenging time—so many people are quitting their jobs and following their passions. Now is the time to build whatever you want to build—but no matter what you do, you will need a network to support you.