Midday Fix: Home staging tips from realtor Ronee Chenault

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Ronee Chenault

Staging Tips:

Clear the Clutter
Clean up toys, old magazines, completely clear off kitchen counters.
Thin out your bookshelf and replace some books with vases or a potted succulent.
Hide any pet-related materials, including litter boxes and doggie bowls and beds.
Too much furniture can also clutter a space. So make sure you furnish the room with the absolute minimum items. Store the rest.

Homebuyers want to be able to imagine themselves inside your home.
Put away family photos and keepsakes. Replace them with photos of landmarks, landscapes or a nice piece of art.

Let There Be Light
A home looks more inviting if you turn the lights and lamps on.
Make sure the curtains or blinds are open. The more light the better.
Mirrors can also make a room seem bigger and brighter.

Fresh Details
Put fresh flowers in your dining room, on the kitchen island, in your living room and master bath.
Don’t forget brand new fluffy towels in your bathrooms.
Accent pillows can make a room pop.

Clean, Clean, Clean
A dirty home is a huge turnoff to buyers.
Make sure windows are cleaned both inside and out, dust light fixtures and all surfaces.
Touch up chipped paint and wash scuffs on walls; you can use a Magic Eraser for this.
Consider re-painting a room.

Simple Tricks:

A savvy agent will bake a batch of cookies just before an open house, giving the space a delicious aroma and allowing home-shoppers to have a treat as they look at a home.

For those who have small kids, staging a home effectively can be challenging. Particularly for an open house, agents will recommend that sellers and their kids spend a long-weekend at grandpa and grandma’s house. This way, the clutter stays at a minimum, and the agent can give showings on short notice.

Though everyone has shower clutter, it’s not appropriate for an open house. Put it all underneath the sink … and buy a brand new, fancy bar of soap and shampoo and let it be the only thing in the shower.

You want buyers to imagine a lifestyle in their new home. Putting out a bottle of wine and plate of cheese suggests that the buyer will enjoy a relaxed elegance in their new place.

The exterior of your refrigerator should be totally clean (or have only one or two tasteful magnets). The rest need to go in storage or in a nearby drawer. The idea is to have a clean, fresh space.


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