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Mark Phelan – Beverage Director of 16” On Center, Punch House

Punch House – 1227 W. 18th Street, Chicago, IL 60608



Check out the holiday pop-up Reindeer Room (bar in Thalia Hall building)

December Song Selectors (nightly DJ lineup) at Punch House here: https://www.punchhousechicago.com/song-selectors 



12oz Jack Daniels 

6oz Koval Cranberry Gin

3oz Henriques Rainwater Madeira 

0.75oz Allspice Dram 8oz lemon juice 

3.5oz cranberry syrup 

5 lemons 

1 small piece of ginger

A little less than ½ cup sugar

8 cinnamon sticks 1 orange 


3tbsp English Breakfast tea 

24oz water 

Cubed ice 

 PROCESS PREPARE AN OLEO SACCHARUM In the bottom of a punch bowl, combine white sugar with the peels of 2 lemons. Peel as shallow as possible to avoid the pith. Muddle to integrate sugar into the peels; the sugar will pull aromatic essential oils from the citrus peels. 

PREPARE YOUR FRESH JUICES While the peels and sugar are macerating, squeeze 8oz of lemon juice and set aside. 

PREPARE THE TEA Bring 24oz of water to a boil with a slice of fresh ginger and 2 cinnamon sticks. In a french press, add 3 tbsp English Breakfast tea, cover, and let steep for 4 minutes. 

PREPARE THE GARNISH While tea steeps, slice your oranges and gather cinnamon sticks and cranberries for garnishing. 

BUILD THE PUNCH Pour the hot tea over the oleo saccharum. Stir until all the sugar is mostly dissolved. Add some ice and stir until at least room temp. Add the booze, cranberry sauce, fresh lemon juice, and more ice. Stir again! Garnish with orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and cranberries

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