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Tips for Employers:

Survey employees.
Not all companies have to have a holiday party which is why it’s important to survey your employees to see if they would enjoy one before investing money into it.

Remind employees of company policies.
Have employees review the employee handbook before the party so they know the policies on harassment and disrespectful behavior are still in place.

Serve alcohol strategically.
Use drink tickets and steer clear of shots to lessen the chance of employees getting out of hand with their alcohol.

Make sure the venue has insurance.
If you plan on hosting the party at an offsite venue, make sure they have insurance. You don’t want to be left responsible if something happens at the party and the venue doesn’t have insurance.

Have a plan for transportation for employees.
The worst thing would be for employees to drink and drive, so either provide hotel rooms, or reimburse taxes/ubers for employees to make sure everyone makes it home safe.

Encourage internal networking.
Encourage managers to use the holiday party as a time to get to know employees better. Holiday parties are a great time for managers to bond with their direct reports in a setting outside of the office.

Tips for Employees:

Mingle and meet people you don’t know both peer-level, as well as managers and executives
Remember you’re still representing your company; don’t get out of control
Set a drink limit for yourself even if the company doesn’t have one

Drink too much
Dress inappropriately
Do or say anything you’ll regret when you’re back in the office
Talk to the same group all night
Sit in a corner wishing you didn’t have to be there


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