Midday Fix: Fitness tips to counterbalance holiday parties

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  1. 90/90 METHOD: Did you have a carb overload? No problem…play damage control with this technique. 90 minutes after you’ve eaten carbs, do squats for 90 seconds. It gets you moving at the exact time the sugar is hitting your body, you utilize it instead of storing it!
  2. PRE-GAME: Before a holiday party, have a protein shake or handful of nuts or an apple before you leave the house. By having a little bit of protein before you go to a social gathering, you want over indulge.
  3. HIIT WORKOUTS & QUICK OFFICE EXERCISES:  Proven to be the most effective way to reduce body fat in the shortest time!
  4. NUTRITION: Stick with meat and water-dense vegetables…you can still enjoy everything, just fill up on the meat & veggies first so you’re full
  5. GLASS OF CHEER: Here’s the hierarchy of alcohol: #1 – best options is a dry red wine (organic if you can); #2 – clear hard alcohol, low carb tonic or soda; #3 – light beer. And the worst…fruity drinks.


  1. Squats – talking about 90/90 method
  2. Squat jumps
  3. Lateral lunges
  4. Glute Bridges
  5. Speed skaters
  6. Quick feet
  7. Inchworms
  8. Stand up push-ups on desk & chair dips – quick exercises to be done at the office
  9. Leg extensions
  10. Planks



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