Midday Fix: First aid for pets

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Dr. Jami-Lyn Derse

Veterinary Housecall Care
(847) 672-7737

First Aid Kit Contents:
Latex gloves
Gauze sponges
Ace bandage
Adhesive tape
Small scissors
Magnifying glass
Nylon leash
Muzzle and or stretch gauze
Compact emergency “blanket” (available in the camping department of many stores)
Water-based sterile lubricant
Hydrogen peroxide (3 percent)
Rubbing alcohol
Topical antibiotic ointment
Instant cold pack
Baby-dose syringe or eyedropper
Sterile saline wash
Tongue depressors
Glucose paste or syrup
Styptic powder or pencil
List of emergency phone numbers including those for your pet’s veterinarian, an afterhours
emergency veterinary hospital, and the National Animal Poison Control Center (1-
Penlight with batteries (AA)
Clean cloth
Needle-nose pliers



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