Midday Fix: Firehouse chef Joe Calcagno makes meatballs and gravy

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Joe Calcagno

Meatballs and Gravy


1 lb of ground steak
1/2 cup of Romano cheese
2 slices Italian bread soaked in water with excess water squeezed out
1/4 cup of minced parsley
2 eggs
1 garlic clove finely minced
salt/pepper to taste

Add all ingredients to a large bowl. Mix by hand, then season with salt and pepper. Roll into 2 inch diameter balls. In a frying pan, fry the meatballs until they are brown in olive oil. Once browned, they may be placed in gravy.


1 lb of Italian sausage links
5 large cloves of garlic (roasted)
1 28 oz can of tomato puree plus 28oz water
1 12 oz can of tomato paste plus 24oz water
3 basil leaves (fresh)
1 cup of grated Romano cheese
salt, pepper, crushed red pepper to taste

Place a layer of olive oil in pot and heat to medium-high heat. Brown garlic cloves, then remove garlic cloves and set aside. Brown all sausage links so that the outside of the sausage is cooked. Remove all sausage and set aside. Leave all the juices from the sausage and oil in pot, and add the tomato paste, puree, and corresponding water. Add basil leaves. Press or mince garlic cloves and add to pot. Add 1 cup romano cheese. Once gravy starts to boil, reduce to simmer and add sausage. cook for 2 hours, add meatballs, then cook for 3-4 more hours.


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