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-Get away from the boring Little Black Dress, and your go-to sequins.  There are other ways to sparkle and shine on NYE.

-A patterned dress is perfect for a less fancy party, perhaps dinner with friends or a gathering at home.  The fabric and pattern give the dress an overall chic and sophisticated look without over-doing it.

-If you must wear black, go for black skinny textured pants and a bright red blouse.  Pick a blouse with details such as leather accents and cut-outs that make it appealing to the eye and dress it up with a tassel necklace and bracelet.

-Winter white is the perfect neutral and a great canvas to accessorize.  A detailed neckline draws attention right up to the face and is great when paired with a red lip.

-Color Blocking is not only popular in the spring/summer.  Wearing color brightens the skin, so let the dress pop and speak for itself while going more neutral with the shoes and accessories.

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