Derrick C. Westbrook, Sommelier


Samples & Samples

City Winery Chicago

Saturday, October 14, 2023  

Doors open at 4:30pm / Event begins at 5:30pm

Wines Featured:

Wine 1: Bubbles

Name: Henri Champliau Wild Miss Rose Demi-Sec

Price: $21.99, Bronzeville Winery

Flavor Notes: Features notes of raspberry and cherry, lightened by the fresh acidity of the fruit.

Can be easily paired with savory dishes that feature fresh fruit such as sliced ham with pineapples and cherries. 

Wine 2: Orange Wine

Name: Borgo Savaian ‘Aransat’, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy 21

Price: $19.99, Bronzeville Winery

Flavor Notes: Apricot, honey, and citrus on the palate, finishing with a touch of earthiness. 

Pairs well with smoked or seared salmon, roasted root vegetables, and roasted meats. 

Wine 3: Red Wine

Name: 2021 It Was All a Dream

Flavor Notes: Blackberries, violets, and green peppercorns. Heavy, dry, earthy with a touch of juicy ripeness.

Price: $70, Tank Garage Winery (online)

Pairs well with seared lamb chops and hen of the woods mushroom risotto.