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Chris Byrne, The Toy Guy


Toys Featured:



Ages 4+

$139.99 MSRP

Known for imaginative, immersive playsets that inspire kid-directed, open-ended play, PLAYMOBIL introduces a new world called Winter Kingdom. The center piece is the dramatic Crystal Palace. Unlock all the hidden activities in the Palace, which includes a bedroom, throne room, and much more. It’s the home to a magical princess and her grandmother. The magical gem lights up for extra sparkle.  This set is available at www.Walmart.com



Ages 4+

$14.99 MSRP

Pop Pops is an irresistible activity that combines the “just-can’t-stop” fun of popping bubble wrap; the gross and gooey  satisfaction of play with slime (still a hot tend), a cast of kooky and cute collectible characters, and one of the hottest continuing play patterns: unboxing! Use the Pop Pops hammer to smash the Pop Pops bubbles, a syringe to suck up the slime, and the storage compartments of the hammer to store the Snotz characters or slime. Available at Target.



Ages 6+

$59.99 MSRP

Rizmo is an adorable, interactive character, and a super cute friend kids will love to cuddle and play with. It’s also the first-ever, high tech “evolving” toy that listens, learns, remembers and actually grows – both in play value and physical form — through its multiple sensors that feel and respond to motion, encouraging nurturing play that embraces tech but relies on classic play patterns. Rizmo grows from a ball of fluff to a fully-grown creature when kids sing, play and nurture it. It includes 7 built-in games and is ready to play right out of the box. Available at all major retailers.



Ages 4+

$39.99 MSRP

Thinking of adopting a rescue pup or kitty? Scruff-a-Luv is looking for its “fur-ever” home, and just like a real rescue pet, Scruff-a-Luv reacts to how you nurture it with over 35 lifelike sounds and interactions including shivering, whimpering, feeding, hiccups and heartbeat. Building on the overwhelming success of the original 2018 product, the new version is more interactive, more responsive, and has a great deal more play built in. It’s also the first-ever water safe electronic plush that can be put in the bath. This is classic nurturing and pet play that appeals to a wide variety of kids. Available at all major retailers.



Ages 14+

$29.99 MSRP

Take your outdoor fun to a new level with HyperStrike. This ultimate bow and arrow set is perfect for either one-on-one or team-based fun and fast-paced competition. Designed with low profile bungee cords, these bows can launch arrows up to 250 feet (that’s two and a half football fields). Simply hook the soft foam Zonic Whistle Arrow into the fast-load bungie loops, pull back, aim, and release!



Ages 5+

$4.99 Single Pack MSRP

$9.99 Activity Kits MSRP

$19.99 Sparkle Station MSRP

With Crayola Glitter Dots, kids can create with glitter in a whole new way, without all the mess! Just squish each dot to create glitter-infused outputs. Each dot contains a special coating so the glitter stays in the dot and not on your hands! Glitter dots are easy to use and versatile for any type of craft or project – they can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper, wood, craft foam, felt and more.



Ages 3-5

$24.99 MSRP

Kindi Kids are four bobble head dolls – Donatina, Peppa-Mint, Marsha Mello, and Jessicake who show kids how fun kindergarten can be! Kindi Kids invite imagination and come to life with interactive accessories, like a cereal that disappears from its spoon as the doll takes a bite.



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