Midday Fix: Beer mustard, beer cheese and details on Meals on Wheels Chicago On Tap event from chef Henry Hill of Dusek’s Board and Beer

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Chef de Cuisine Henry Hill

Dusek’s Board and Beer
1227 W. 18th Street
(312) 526-3851

Chicago on Tap
Thursday, July 21
6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Thalia Hall
1807 S. Allport Street

For tickets:


For more information about Temperance Beer:


Beer Mustard

1 pt reduction of porter beer
4 qt Dijon mustard
1 pt honey

Reduce 6 quarts of porter beer low and slow for an hour. Combine with 4 quarts of Dijon and one pint of honey. Add salt to taste.

Beer Cheese

1 pound butter
1 pound flour
4 1/2 qt Temperance Beer Smittytown or favorite pilsner
3 pound hooks 1 year cheddar cheese, shredded
to taste: dry mustard, cayenne pepper, Worcestershire sauce, salt

Take one pound of flour and one pound of butter to make a roux, add 5 quarts of pilsner and bring to a boil while consistently whisking (this thickens the mixture and cooks out the alcohol). Then turn down low and slowly add the cheese. Take off the heat and add cayenne, mustard and salt, along with a dash of Worcestershire for tang.


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