Midday Fix: Donut trends for weddings and other big events

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The doughnuts displayed are from Do-Rite Donuts



Cupcakes may never truly fade from popularity, but lately they seem to have gotten some competition for most-loved snack food. Doughnuts are on the scene!  At weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and more – doughnuts are hugely popular amongst guests.

Variety is the spice of life.  Include the basics, but also consider unique recipes with bacon, Oreo cookies, cereal, coffee and peanut butter.  Guests will want to try different flavors so keep some of the options miniature – including doughnut holes and bite-size treats.  Don’t forget to include some of your personal favorites to highlight the taste and style of the party hosts!

Check out these top donut party ideas that will leave a big impression on guests… with sprinkles on top! Keep the presentation simple, but stylish, and easy to access, but fun.  Use a combination of glass jars, ceramic trays and props to showcase the desserts.  As I always say, “the magic is in the details” so don’t forget to add creative touches such as labels and unique serving items (I.e. small milk glasses).

Use online sources to print customized labels, stickers and signs.  Create props with simple craft items like wood dowels, paper, glitter and tissue fans.

Make sure to plan for extra bakery since guests will definitely want to take some home for later!  Paper sleeves with a custom tag or label are perfect, but small bakery boxes also work nicely.


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