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DIY Plant/Mini Tree Collar Class

Thurs., Dec. 22nd, 7-9pm

Cork & Bean Oak Lawn

4931 W. 95th Street

Oak Lawn, IL 60453

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Decorative Doorknob Hanger



Doorknob Hanger kit (2 pieces)

Dollar Tree small 18” tree (1 piece)

1 yard – 1.5” Decorative Ribbon

6” Burlap ribbon cut @ 17”

2 Coordinating ribbons cut @ 9” each

Acrylic Paint (2 colors)

Small ornaments & picks

Zip Ties and Pipe Cleaners

Wire Cutters


Optional:  Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks, Clothespin, Bow Buddy


  1. Paint Doorknob handle and overlay and set aside to dry
  2. Remove & discard the “base & 3 legs” of your DT Christmas Tree
  3. Using wire cutters, cut approx. 3” off the metal “stem”
  4. Fold the top single branch of the tree in half (total tree length should be approx. 12” long)
  5. Lay your tree on a flat surface and lightly fluff all branches “upward & sideways”
  6. Turn tree upside down & zip tie the metal “stem” of the tree to the SECOND set of holes on the Doorknob handle (tree stem should now be “nestled” between the FIRST set of holes)
  7. Attach the bottom half of the tree to the BOTTOM 2 holes on the Doorknob handle using zip ties…cut excess off zip ties
  8. Fluff tree again to create a flat surface against the Doorknob Hanger (“upwards & sideways” again)
  9. Add ribbons, ornaments, and picks to decorate tree using a glue gun to secure (Note:  you may also secure with floral wire for easy disassembly for later use)


  1. Using the “book fold” method, fold ribbon together overlapping about 1 inch.
  2. Dovetail the 2 coordinating ribbons by cutting on a “upwards” angle with scissors starting at bottom of “folded” ribbon
  3. Pinch burlap ribbon in center to create a “bowtie” look & place in Bow Buddy or secure with clothespin or clip
  4. Repeat with both coordinating ribbons and place on top of Burlap ribbon in the Ruffle Buddy
  5. Using a zip tie or pipe cleaner, connect all 3 ribbons together and LIGHTLY tighten
  6. Place a pipe cleaner “crosswise” underneath the zip tie and now you can tightly secure the zip tie
  7. Use the pipe cleaner to attach the bow to the FIRST 2 holes on the Doorknob Hanger.  Twist pipe cleaner in back to secure.  Optional:  Cut remaining excess off pipe cleaner.

Hang on doorknob, fireplace mantel, or use as a wreath for your door.

Tree/Plant Collar



Collar Kit

Acrylic Paint (2 colors)

Decorative accessories based on type of use (i.e., plant, mini tree, tissue box)

Wood Glue


  1. Paint all 4 of Collar panels, front and back and set aside to dry
  2. Paint one side of square piece
  3. Paint the overlay a corresponding color and set aside to dry
  4. Once dried, assemble collar by sliding panels into grooves/openings
  5. Insert square piece, painted side down.  This should be a tight fit so no need to glue.
  6. Glue overlay over one of the facing panels
  7. Insert your plant, tissue box or mini tree
  8. For use as a tissue box, you will need to reverse the box to allow for the opening.