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David Juniper, Event Director of Cyber Security Chicago

Mike Petitti, Vice President of Cyber Security Solutions at Uptake

Cyber Security Chicago
October 18-19
McCormick Place

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Primary method of attack is Social Media – sending links via texts, tweets, posts, advertising, etc. In addition, e-mail is an attack vector. Links can be embedded that can re-direct customers to fake websites.

Exercise common sense and don’t click on links received via texts, e-mails, etc. — especially if you don’t know the source. Other techniques include using unique passwords, downloading apps from known app stores, only visit sites that have been certified with SSL, make sure your virus software is up to date.

Make sure you enroll in fraud protection from your banks and credit card companies. Monitor your accounts by logging in more than once a month to identify activity that occurs between statements. And, be sure to take advantage of the FREE credit monitoring in the wake of the breach.