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Dr. Cynthia Colón – Author, Podcaster, College Admission Expert & Founder of Dream College Academy and College Essay Bootcamp



Six F’s Seniors Need If You’ve Been Waitlisted

Figure If You Really want this

·      If this is STILL an institution you would attend if they offered you a spot tomorrow?

·      IF YES – then do the following:

Follow Instructions

·      Fill out any paperwork that is due. Meet deadlines.

·      If you need to opt in – be sure to follow deadlines.

·      If there are specific questions, answer those.

·      If there are no specific questions, follow the 3rd F.

Fill in Gaps

·      Not the time to restate what is already in your application.

·      Fill in what you failed to mention the first time.

·      Fill in NEW information. Awards, grades, COVID events/accomplishments.

Find Your Local Representative

·      Most colleges have Admission Officers specifically assigned to your region / your high school.

·      Find your local Rep and send an email directly to that person. This is found in Dream College Academy, module 4 – bonus videos.

·      Especially if no specific instructions – follow my guidance of fill in gaps / adding new information / stating this is still your first choice.


·      With test blind and test optional – colleges are unsure how many students will accept their offer.

·      It’s possible there will be LOTS of room for WL students, but equally possible there will be little to no room.

·      Last year there was plenty of movement from the WL – so keep the faith that it will all work out the way it is supposed to.

Focus on your WINS

·      Acceptances and Wait Lists are both WINS.

·      WL means they wanted to take you but didn’t have room.

·      Acceptances mean – they fell in love with your application on the first round –

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