Midday Fix: College advice for students from under-resourced communities

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Dr. Cynthia Colón, host of the national weekly podcast Destination YOUniversity and author of the book Tips, Tales & Truths for Teens


Catch this week’s podcast episode of Destination YOUniversity where Dr. Colon offers more insider scoop on these predictions and many more! 


DO THIS: Whatever your gender, race, socio-economic background, ability, disability, sexuality, age, ethnicity, — Consider any “problem” of YOUR choice – the pandemic, inability to access technology, systemic racism, the widening education gap – and reflect on how YOUR opinion has been shaped by your surroundings, mentors, advantages and disadvantages. Bring life to your life story and make that your college essay.

DO THIS: I have the solution for Parents: give them that problem to solve. Curious students LOVE to be challenged. Let them know, it does not have to be SCHOOL / ACADEMIC – but ask more – if you could spend 5 hours a week doing anything YOU wanted to do – what would that be? And how can YOU find a way to make that happen. 

DO THIS: Ask Yourself: What IMPACT does my involvement have in my community – my family, my neighborhood, my group of friends, my teammates, my school, my city, my state, my nation. ONE example of IMPACT will always trump a laundry list of “involvement.”


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