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Chris Byrne – The Toy Guy

Items Featured:

My First Rush Hour Game from Thinkfun

Ages 3 and up.


 Solo or co-play puzzle where kids match colors and shapes to create a variety of mazes. You have to drive the toy car through the maze to win. Three levels of difficulty, and the game includes 30 different challenges.

Popcorn Poppin’ from Yulu

Ages 4 and up.


 Wind up the timer, and then follow the challenges and pass the popcorn bucket before it pops! This is a classic suspense game where quick action meets silly stunts.

Zing Pong from Zing from Zing

Ages 6 and up.


 Each player has to bounce three balls into his or her side of the pyramid. Then, bounce the last ball into the cup on top. You’re safe! The last player to bounce their ball into the cup has to drink the gross concoction the players create.

Dog Crimes & Cat Crimes from Thinkfun

Ages 8 and up.


 These are deductive reasoning games where you follow the clues to figure out which pet did the dirty deed, like rip the pillow or tip over the vase. Players follow the clues to catch the culprit. Great for solo play, too.

Dungeons & Dragons Stranger Things Starter Set from Hasbro

Ages 8 and up.


 Journey into the Upside Down with this new Dungeons & Dragons game inspired by the hit Netflix series. Fans remember the game is included in the series, and this is the story that Mike Wheeler might have created.

Moms Truths Game from Cat and Nat

Ages 21 and up.


 This is a hilarious card game for grown up moms only. Created by Cat and Nat and based on their hilarious #MOMSTRUTHS YouTube channel, it’s a great way to laugh at being a mom, connect with others and relieve some stress. We can see this as a hit on Zoom!