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Before buying a feeder, determine what you’d like to use it for – entertainment, educating children, helping birds survive winter, etc.

Other considerations include the season the feeder will be used, the type of birds you’d like to attract and where you’d like to place it on your property.

This season, you can get started with a suet feeder, which provides nutrition to birds through suet “cakes” with seeds embedded in them. Fat and protein are really important sources of energy for birds in the winter when they’re burning so many calories trying to stay warm.

Cole’s bird seed is a good brand for feeding birds. Their seed is treated with nitrogen gas prior to being sealed to kill grain moths, which can be a major problem with other seed mixes, especially if you store them in unsealed containers. They feed on the seed and destroy the quality.

Remember to clean bird feeders every 2-4 weeks, based on weather and the type of bird “traffic” at the feeder.  To clean, wear gloves and use a disinfectant, such as a 10% bleach/90% water solution for at least three minutes, followed by a thorough rinse. Make sure it is completely dry before you refill.


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