Midday Fix: Ashlee Piper’s eco-friendly tips

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Ashlee Piper

The Little Foxes

Ashlee’s Tips:

Ditch the Disposables
Say no to plastic bags at stores, bring your own eco-friendly totes, bring your own water bottles and cups to the coffee shop or to take leftovers home from a restaurant.

Swap in Cruelty-Free, More Natural Products for the Home
Making the switch to non-animal tested, natural products for personal care and home not only spares animals from suffering, but also supports healthy waterways by being more biodegradable. It’s a low-sacrifice way to make a big difference.

Go Vegan 1 Day a Week (or more)
Meatless Mondays as a concept has taken off like wildfire, and for good reason. Eating meatless conserves significant amounts of water, is healthier, and generally less expensive, many schools and corporations have also embraced this national movement. Get started by checking out some great recipes online, vegetarian cookbooks, or join a Meatless Monday group.

Reuse Before Recycling
While recycling is awesome, finding ways to reuse what you already have is the most gentle on the planet — and can result in some seriously cool looking stuff.

Drive Less, Move More
Driving takes a huge toll on the environment. Invest in a bike, walk, take public transportation. Not only is this healthier, but it’s much gentler on the environment. Those movement trackers are all the rage these days, so log some miles on those by eschewing the car and getting some movement in.


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