Adam Pratt, founder of Chaos to Memories and author of Declutter Your Photo Life

Founder of Chaos to Memories and author of new book Declutter Your Photo Life (Rocky Nook)


-Organize by date: Correct date and time settings on your camera make chronological organization a breeze. If you mostly take photos with your smartphone, you can skip this step because your phone always knows the accurate time based on the cell towers in your phone network.

-Stop taking the same picture more than once: capture your photos on the phone or camera of your choice. After you’ve deleted thousands of duplicates and duds, I suspect you’ll compose more thoughtfully and shoot more purposefully than before.

-Remove the extra step: Many people copy their digital photos to their computer with other apps, and then import those photos to Lightroom. That two-step process is unnecessary, so skip the slow line and import directly from your device to your Lightroom catalog.

-The importance of back-up: A good backup strategy protects against human mistakes and technical failures, so I recommend making a backup right away, especially if you don’t have time to organize.

-End goal: The goal is a curated archive of your favorite photos, not a cluttered collection of every photo you’ve ever taken.

-Share, share, share! One of my clients told me that a recipe gets better the more you share it, and I feel the same way about photographs. It could be as simple as a text message or as beautiful as a canvas gallery wrap, but there are many thoughtful and creative ways to share your photos.