Midday Fix: Advice on co-parenting and calming kids fears during this pandemic with the authors of “Co-Parenting Through Separation and Divorce: Putting Your Children First”

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American Academy of Pediatrics Spokesperson David L. Hill, MD, FAAP

Jann Blackstone, PsyD



https://shop.aap.org/co-parenting-through-separation-and-divorce-paperback/ – the book will officially be released on June 16, 2020


How co-parents can work together:

·        Keep communication open. Answer all forms of communication (phone calls, texts, emails, etc.) with your co-parent in a timely manner.

·        Don’t keep score.

·        Enter each conversation with finding a solution together as your goal.

·        Stay socially connected while physically distanced. Schedule virtual visits between your co-parent and your child. Set a time and make the child available for video calls.

·        Once this crisis is over, set aside extra time so that the non-custodial parent and child can become comfortable together again.


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