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Medique has issued a recall on over-the-counter medicines.

The drugs were sold exclusively on Amazon and fail to meet the child resistant packaging requirements.

The recall involves 31 different over-the-counter drugs purchased on or after June 1, 2018 that are unexpired from the following brands:  Medi-First, Medi-First Plus, Medique, Dover, Otis Clapp, and Ecolab.

Customers can all Medique at 800-680-2474 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, or online at and click on “Recall Notice” at the bottom of the page for more information including registration access.

ProductDrugPackage Type# of Packets
Medi-First Non-Aspirin Acetaminophenacetaminophen (325 mg)2 tablets packet 50250
Medi-First Extra Strength Non-Aspirin Acetaminophen acetaminophen (500 mg)2 tablets packet 50125250
Medi-First Sinus Pain & Pressure acetaminophen (500 mg)2 tablets packet50125250
Medique APAPacetaminophen (325 mg)2 tablets packet250
Medique Extra Strength APAPacetaminophen (500 mg)2 tablets packet50125250
Medique Back Pain-Offacetaminophen (250 mg)2 tablets packet50100250
Medique CCP Caffeine Feeacetaminophen (325 mg)2 tablets packet50250
Medi-First Cold Relief acetaminophen (325 mg)2 tablets packet50125250
Medique Cramp Tabsacetaminophen (325 mg)2 tablets packet50125250
Medique Decorel Forte Plusacetaminophen (325 mg)2 tablets packet50 250
Medique Medicidin-Dacetaminophen (325 mg)2 tablets packet50100250
Dover Aminofenacetaminophen (325 mg)2 tablets packet250
Otis Clapp Back Quellacetaminophen (200 mg)2 tablets packet150
Otis Clapp Mygrexacetaminophen (500 mg)2 tablets packet150
Otis Clapp Valihistacetaminophen (325 mg)2 tablets packet150
Medi-First Pain Relief Extra Strength acetaminophen (110 mg)
aspirin (162 mg)
2 tablets packet50100250
Medi-First Plus Pain Zappersacetaminophen (250 mg)
aspirin (250 mg)
2 tablets packet50125
Medique Pain-Offacetaminophen (250 mg)
aspirin (250 mg)
2 tablets packet50100250
Medi-First Aspirin aspirin (325 mg)2 tablets packet50125250
Medi-First Plus Aspirinaspirin (325 mg)2 tablets packet50125
Medique Aspirin aspirin (325 mg)2 tablets packet12100250
Medique Diphendiphenhydramine (25 mg)1 tablet packet24200
Medi-First Ibuprofenibuprofen (200 mg)2 tablets packet450125250
Medique I-Prinibuprofen (200 mg)2 tablets packet3100250
Dover Addaprinibuprofen (200 mg)2 tablets packet250
Medi-First Burn Cream with Lidocainelidocaine (0.9 grams)packets25
Medi-First Burn Spray lidocaine HCl (2%)2 oz bottle
Medi-First Blood Clotting Spray lidocaine (4%)3 oz bottle
Ecolab Burn Creamlidocaine (0.9 grams)packets25
Medique Diamodeloperamide HCl (2 mg)1 tablet packet6 50100
Medique Mediproxen naproxen sodium (220 mg)1 tablet packet50100