Midday Fix: Cleaning tips from Fresh Tech Maid

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By using the chemical-free cleaning techniques that Fresh Tech Maids is known for (by simply using Deionized water -something that people at home can purchase by simply buying Aquafina), it impacts the overall health of families, children, pets and the environment of the home.


Clean up the most commonly infected areas: handles, switches and knobs, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

Thoroughly and safely clean commonly used electronics such as remotes and stereo buttons.

Laptops and keyboards – remove the hidden germs and viruses.

Sanitize inside of microwave, another germ haven, to stop the spread of germs.

Sanitize your cleaning equipment such as microfiber rags and cloths – clean, not spread!

Cell phones, tablets, and iPads: the most frequently touched areas must be cleaned most frequently


How to best sanitize the “work” setting- like keyboards, phones, tvs, etc.:  They used a compressed air duster to spread on a phone/key board.  Then, sprayed Deionized water on a microfiber cloth and wipe the phone / key board with the moisturized microfiber cloth.

How to best sanitize a germy sponge in boiling water:  A sponge is a germ haven and put a sponge into a boiling water.  Heat up the water to boiling level for 1 to 2 min.  Then, pour cold water in to cool sponge.  Take a newly sanitized sponge out.

How to properly clean the most commonly infected areas- handles, switches, knobs:   For non-electrical (handles and knobs), spray DI Water or Aquafina Distilled Water on them and wipe with a micro fiber cloth.  For electrical (light switches and security/thermostat) -- first unplug, then lightly spray DI water or Aquafina Distilled Water on microfiber cloth and wipe with micro fiber cloth.

Handwashing:  It is really not about the soap.  It is about how long do you lather your hand.  Should be at least 15 seconds after you complete the entire “Happy Birthday to you” song.



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