Lunchbreak: Yoga Girl Salad

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• 1 cup Kale, chopped into bite size pieces

• 1 cup baby Spinach

• ¼ cup Warm Quinoa

• ¼ cup Raw Shaved Beets (cleaned, peeled, shaved)

• ¼ cup Roasted Shaved Brussels Sprouts (roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper, shaved)

• ¼ cup Carrots, shaved

• ½ cup Roasted Tofu (roasted with salt and pepper and Asian marinade of your choice)

• ¼ cup Miso Sauce (can be purchased at a store)

Prepare Separately:

• Raw Shaved Beets – clean, peel and shave the beets into your liking of both texture and consistency. Place aside to incorporate into the salad.

• Roasted Shaved Brussels Sprouts – roast Brussels Sprouts with salt & pepper over cook top. Place aside to incorporate into the salad.

• Roasted Tofu – roast tofu with Asian marinade of your choice over cook top or in oven. Add salt and pepper atop to season. Place aside to incorporate into the salad.

Salad Tossing Instructions:

• Place kale and spinach into appropriately sized bowl to toss and mix the greens.

• Add the warmed quinoa into the bowl of tossed greens.

• Combine the raw shaved beets, shaved brussels sprouts and carrots in a small bowl and toss. One thoroughly tossed, add all ingredients to the tossed greens.

• Top the salad with roasted tofu.

• Add miso sauce atop all ingredients.

Additional Suggestions:

• Add salt and/or pepper for an extra hint of flavor

• Add lemon and/or lime for an extra zest (lime is recommended for this recipe)

• Add a dash of Sriracha for a kick .


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