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Chef Zeeshan Shah, founder of The Biscuit Man

The Biscuit Man, inside The Long Room

1612 W. Irving Park Rd.

Biscuit Man Veggie Rice Bowl

Makes about 14-15  6 ounce portions


White onions 2 each, peeled, large dice

Roasted garlic, 1/2 cup

Jalapenos 2 each, seeded, stemmed, large dice

Sweet potatoes, 5 pounds – peel, rinse, large dice

Cauliflower, 2 heads each trim, rinse, medium florets

Green peas, blanched for 30 seconds in salted boiling water, cool on half sheet tray on parchment

Mustard seeds, black 2 Tablespoon

Turmeric, ground 1 Tablespoon

KCP (kashmiri chili powder), 1/2 Tablespoon

Methi (dry fenugreek) leaves, dried 2 Tablespoon

Canola oil, as needed

Salt, to taste

Apple cider vinegar, up to 1/4 cup

Basmati rice – about 12 cups cooked to directions


Sweat the onions with a bit of salt until tender, don’t brown them. Add jalapenos and cook until tender, add garlic and turmeric, kcp, mustard seeds. Set aside.

Coat the cauliflower in oil, add salt and roast in oven until just tender- these can turn into mush if over cooked. Be careful! Drain the sweet potatoes well, fry in the fryer at 350 until just tender, season with a bit of salt and cool on a tray with parchment.  (or you could bake in the oven until tender – but separate from the cauliflower)

Once everything is cooked (and still a touch warm!), combine into one pan with the methi leaves, add some vinegar and adjust salt as needed.

Taste it, adjust seasoning.

Mix in cooked basmati rice, toss together and pile high onto a large platter for all to share.

Garnish with some lime-seasoned Greek yogurt, mixed greens and pickled chilies. Last little piece is some crispy potato chips. Bonus points for homemade!