Lunchbreak: Dawn Jackson Blatner’s healthy makeover of the classic cheese board

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Dawn Jackson Blatner

The Better-for-You Cheese Board (all on big cutting board)

- Grapes.

Grapes from California are in season now (May-January), all colors have healthy antioxidants.

- Pistachios.

Wonderful pistachios are one of the lowest calorie & fat snack nuts. Plus they have 6g protein & heart-healthy fats that may help you/guests feel full longer so you’re satisfied, not stuffed. (49 = 1 serving).

- Pickled jarred vegetables (asparagus, carrots, green beans).

Low calorie, low sodium & good dose of vinegar, which is a condiment that may help control appetite because it keeps food in your stomach longer.

- Roasted jarred veggies (red bell pepper).

Low calorie & roasting gives the vegetables high flavor. Red bell pepper has more immune boosting vitamin C than an orange.

- Marinated jarred veggies (artichokes, mushrooms).

Get marinated in water or drain oil. Artichokes are one of the highest in antioxidants of all vegetables; mushrooms have a delicious meaty flavor called umami.

- Olives.

Rich in healthy fat, only 5-10 calories per olive (depends on size). Moderate, not high in salt if you stick to servings of about 5-10.

- Hummus.

Plant-based protein, jazz it up with some fresh chopped herbs. Note: Will show how to get it out of package w/ toppings still looking good.

- Whole grain crackers/bread (several types).

Whole grain crackers have filling fiber & more minerals than white, refined crackers/bread.

- Flavorful cheese.

Gotta have cheese on a cheese-board! When it’s flavorful you will use less naturally!

- Dark chocolate bar (cracked into pieces).

Dark chocolate contains healthy compounds called flavonoids which are great for circulation = healthy heart & brain. Higher percentages of cacao is better since it will have more cocoa bean & less sugar.

Arrange items on cutting board.


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