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Banger Stuffed Portabella Mushroom & Hash

*This recipe make 3 portions

Ingredients needed:

3 cleaned portabella mushroom large size

3 egg for frying

1/2 pound thin sliced fingerling potato or small marble potatoes

1 tbl ground cumin

1 tbl ground coriander

baby arugula

shaved red onion

1 pound caprese sausage for filling

extra virgin olive oil

sea salt

black pepper

1 tbl minced parsley

Caprese sausage recipe:

1 pound ground pork (shoulder fresh ground from your butcher is preferred)

1/2 cup minced prosuitto

1/4 cup minced fresh mozzarella

1/2 cup minced canned roast red pepper

1/2 ea ground bay leaf

1 tbl fresh lemon juice

1 tbl minced fresh garlic

1 tsp ground black peppercorn

1.5 tsp kosher salt

2 tsp paprika

Mixing and stuffing procedure:

Combine and mix all ingredients well

Divide mix into 3 equal parts

Stuff sausage into cleaned portabella’s

They can be grilled or seared then baked in a pan until internal temperature reaches 150 degree

*Pre heat oven temp 425 degree if baking

Pan seared potatoes:

Wash potatoes leaving skin on

Slice 1/4 in thick

In a saute pan add a little oil and pan sear potatoes until golden and soft

Season potatoes with cumin, coriander, parsley and salt

Putting the dish together:

Plate potatoes first on center of plate

put stuffed portabella on top of cooked seasoned potato’s

pan fry and season egg to your liking and place on top of stuffed portabella

Combine and mix arugula, red onion, toss with a little olive oil, season with salt and pepper

Place on top of fried egg