Lunchbreak: Stromboli


Joshua Hoenig, Chef and General Manager of Pizza Friendly Pizza, stopped by WGN News to demonstrate how to make Stromboli.

Stromboli Recipe 

1000g Flour 

620g Water 

25g Salt 

23g Oil 

3g Pepper 

3g Yeast 

Yield’s approximately 4 400g dough balls. 


1. Add yeast and water to your bowl and allow the yeast to mostly sink to the bottom. Whisk together until you have a milk like solution. 

2. Add the flour to the bowl (or stand mixer if you have one). We want to just mix this enough for the flour to hydrate. Mixing time will vary depending on if you’re kneading by hand or using a stand mixer. Getting rid of the dry bits of flour in the dough is the goal here. Allow the dough to rest for twenty minutes. 

3. Add the salt, pepper and oil and begin mixing the dough. If kneading by hand you’re going to knead this until you have a nice and smooth dough. If you’re using a dough machine once the dough is cleaned off the sides of the mixing bowl and everything is incorporated you can stop the mix. Allow the dough to rest for 30 minutes. 

4. Now you can cut and divide the dough into 400g dough balls. 

5. Place and cover the dough balls on a sheet pan and move them into the fridge for at least 24 hours. You can let them go for up to 72 hours if you would like. The more time they rest the more flavor they will have. 

Building the Stromboli 

One thing that is great about Stromboli’s is you can go a little bit heavier on your toppings unlike when you’re building a normal pizza. My favorite build for a Stromboli is sausage, mozzarella, ricotta, peppadew peppers, red onion and basil. You can sub your favorite chill for the peppadew peppers if you can not find them. Like everything else you can find them on amazon and some specialty food stores. 

1. Pull the dough out of the fridge at least one hour ahead of when you would like to build your Stromboli. 

2. Roll your dough out into an oval shape. 

3. Place the mozzarella down first. Then sausage, peppers, onion, ricotta and basil. 

4. Fold the end furthest away from you over. Then fold the opposite end over and tuck it under. You can roll the Stromboli a little bit to make sure that it’s tucked in well. 

5. Trim off the excess from the ends and cut 4 diagonal slices across to top and you’re ready to bake. 

6. Set your oven to 450 degrees and you will need to bake for about 15 minutes. Every home oven is different so keep an eye on the bake. 

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