Lunchbreak: Steak and Corn

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Chef Carlos Garza, Carnivale Restaurant

Facebook: @carnivalechi

Instagram: @carnivalechi

Twitter:  @Carnivale312

• 16 Oz. Bone In Prime Dry Aged New York Strip
• Mexican Street Style Corn
o 3 Corn Cobs
o 1/4 Cup Queso Fresco
o 1 Tbsp. Spicy Mayo or Plain Mayo
o 1 Tbsp. Butter
o ¼ Lime – Squeezed Fresh Lime Juice
o Tajin
• 16 Oz Bone In Prime Dry Aged New York Strip
o Season the steak with salt and pepper
o Place it on the grill for 2 minutes and rotate for 2 minutes to get a great diamond grill mark
o Flip the steak and repeat
o 8 minute cook time for Medium Rare steak
• Elote
o Remove corn from cob
o In sauté pan add butter, once butter is melted add corn
o Sauté until cooked and caramelized for 4 minutes
o Add Mayo, Queso Fresco, Salt
o Turn down heat and add Lime Juice
o Place on plate and finish with a hint of Tajin

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