Lunchbreak: Smoked Ham & Cheese Croquettes


Chef Michael Woodhall, Chef Le Sud

Le Sud

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Smoked Ham & Cheese Croquettes 

Croquette Batter:                            

Water                                                   1 ¾ cup

Butter                                                   9 tbsp

AP Flour                                               1 cup

Eggs                                                       5 each

Gruyere Cheese                                4.5 oz (about ½ cup)

Ham (diced)                                       8.75 oz (about 1 cup)

Salt                                                         2 tsp


Bring water and butter to a boil, add AP flour, stir immediately, once dough is formed                                    

and raw flour smell cooked out, transfer to the stand mixer.                                                                                        

Mix for two minutes on low to release some heat.                                                                                           

Add cheese, and ham, and salt mix for 2 minutes.                                                                                            

Finish by emulsifying eggs two at a time until fully incorporated.                                                                               

Using a 1 oz (2T) scoop, drop 1 oz of batter into 350 F rice bran oil.  Fry to golden brown.                                                                                          

Let sit on paper towel to let excess grease drip off. Lightly season with salt before serving.

Substitute for Dijonnaise:

1 Cup of your favorite mayonnaise

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tbsp Dijon Mustard

Mix together in a bowl with a whisk.                                                                      


Raw Garlic                          2 tsp                                                      

Confit Garlic                       3 tbsp                                                   

Whole Eggs                        2 ea                                                       

Yolks                                     5 tbsp                                                   

Lemon Juice                      4 tbsp                                                   

Rice Bran Oil                      4 cups                                                   

Dijon Mustard                  4 tbsp                                                   

Champagne Vinegar       1 tbsp                                                  

Water                                  5 tbsp                                                   

salt                                        2 tsp                                                     


Add all ingredients besides water and rice bran oil.                                          

Start food processor, let spin for 1 minute, emulsify half of the oil slowly, add water slowly.

Emulsify the rest of the oil.                                                                                          


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