Lunchbreak: How to make your own bacon and a summer panzanella salad

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Brian Bruns

Flat & Point, in Logan Square

Located at 3524 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago


Chicago Food Bowl – Patio Party


2:00 p.m.



Purchase 4lbs of pork belly

1/3 c of kosher salt

2 tbsp of brown sugar


Mix salt and sugar in a bowl, rub onto the entire pork belly, put dressed pork belly into a reusable plastic bag, and put in the fridge for ten days. Flip upside down after five days.  Slice & grill.

Flat & Point Summer Panzanella Salad:

2 slices of day-old bread

2 heirloom tomatoes

1/4 c of ricotta – or any soft cheese

6 slices of pork belly

1 bunch of basil

Note: Any seasonal veggies, or herbs work great!


1/4 cup of EVOO

2 fresh squeezed lemons

Salt & pepper to taste


Brush bread with olive oil (or bacon drippings), char on grill.

Grill bacon till preferred crispiness.

Dice tomatoes into small cubes.

Tear, or rough chop fresh basil.

Cut toasted bread into one-inch cubes.

Cut bacon into one-inch cubes.

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.

Dress with mixed lemon juice and olive oil.

Salt & pepper to taste.



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