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Justin Behlke, Culinary Director

Pilot Light

5th Annual Feed Your Mind Gala
November 3
6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Revel Fulton Market
1215 W. Fulton Market

Fall Vegetable and Brown Rice Salad
4-6 Servings

2 cups dried basmati brown rice, rinsed
2 medium sized sweet potatoes, cut into small pieces
3 cups spinach, washed and roughly torn
1 apple of choice, diced into small pieces
1/2 cup pecan pieces, lightly toasted
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar
2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil or canola oil
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste

Preheat oven to 400F. Using a medium sized pot with a lid or a rice cooker, cook your brown rice. If using a pot and cooking on stove top, cook the 2 cups of rice in 4 cups of water. Bring the rice and water just to a simmer uncovered. Turn down heat and cover with lid. Cook rice for 20-25 minutes over low heat or until all of the water has evaporated. Once finished allow the rice to rest for 5 minutes before using. If using a rice cooker, follow the manufacturer’s directions. Fluff rice with a fork and allow to cool on a plate before mixing into salad. Toss sweet potatoes in 1 Tbs of oil and a pinch of salt. Roast on a baking tray in the oven until tender. Allow to cool before using in the salad. Once the rice and sweet potatoes have cooled, lightly mix all of the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl and season with desired amounts of salt and pepper. This recipe is great to make in a big batch and utilize for lunch throughout the week.