Lunchbreak: Eggs Benedict

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Executive Chef of Prime & Provisions Joseph Rizza

Prime & Provisions

222 N. LaSalle St., Chicago


Prime & Provisions is donating a portion of each bottomless rosé package purchased every Sunday in October during the steakhouse’s brunch to the Lynn Sage Foundation in support of breast cancer research.


Eggs Benedict

Hollandaise Sauce

3 Egg Yolks

1/4 Cup Water

1 Tbs. White Wine Vinegar

2 Tbs. Lemon Juice Fresh

8 Oz. Butter, cut into chunks

1/4 Tsp. Salt

Paprika to taste

Cayenne to taste

 Sauce Method:

Over a double boiler, whisk yolks, lemon juice, and white wine vinegar together. Continue to do so until you reach a thick bright lemon colored consistency. While doing this, melt your butter in the microwave or stove top, whichever you prefer. Be careful not to scramble the eggs. Slowly whisk in melted butter, one ounce at a time. If it gets too thick, add water gradually until it gets to a sauce consistency. Pull off the heat and add the dry ingredients. Remember, just a pinch of paprika and cayenne go a long way.

Poached Eggs Ingredients:

1 Egg

1 Qt. Water

1 Tsp. Salt

4 Tsp. Vinegar

Egg Poaching Method:

In a heavy sauce pot, bring water, salt, and vinegar to a slow roll simmer. Crack the egg into a small bowl. Gently pour the egg from the bowl along the side of the pot into the slowly simmering water. Cook until desired and remove from water with a perforated spoon and serve immediately.

Prime & Provisions’ Eggs Benedicts are served traditionally on a toasted English muffin with Canadian bacon, a poached egg, hollandaise sauce on top, and garnished with paprika and parsley.



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